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Furniture Design


Woodworking is a skill that has been passed down for many generations in my family. My father, a woodworker, cabinetmaker, and self-taught draftsman has practiced the trade my entire upbringing and naturally became my main source of inspiration when considering a career in interiors and furniture design.

This walnut furniture collection was our first joint collaboration. I embarked on the idea just prior to deciding to enroll in an academic program at the New York School of Interior Design, a decision I frankly did not have wholehearted confidence in at first. I drew sketches for a file cabinet, safe, nightstands, and bench and shared them with my dad, hoping that this would provide me the reassurance I hoped to gain that I, too, may be able to carry on the family legacy.


Over the course of several months, I was able to explore ideas important to me and my future goals as a designer, most significantly, sourcing wood from sustainably managed forests. Hardware, finishes, and a cohesive, consistent look for the collection were also important to my vision. I drew out plans, collaborated with a metalworker to get custom legs made for the nightstands, and coordinated with a draftsman to complete shop drawings and details of each piece that the woodworkers then referenced for fabrication. The furniture was carefully built, assembled, sanded down to a silky, soft touch, and coated with a water-based finish. Seeing designs of my own creation come to life was one of the most profound experiences of my earthly existence. 

Preliminary Hand Sketches


Drawings created using Adobe Illustrator


Shop Drawings

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