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3D Rendering & Landscape Design


Landscape Architect: Douglas Clark, RLA, ASLA, AIA   |   Janice Parker Landscape Architects
Skills: SketchUp, Lumion, Photoshop


Using rendering skills I learned as an interior designer, I gained experience rendering landscape designs for Janice Parker Landscape Architects in 2020. Referencing exterior concepts and working drawings painstakingly drafted by landscape architect Douglas Clark, I built a 3D model of the residence and digitally planted each specimen that was specified. I discovered rendering landscapes can be a technically frustrating task, particularly because countless plant models tend to bulk up the size of the SketchUp file and result in endless "bug splats." This forced me to explore alternative rendering programs, namely Lumion, which is designed to model realistic-looking vegetation without straining the computer. 

The images I produced were used in the final presentation to sell the concept to the client. It was undoubtedly a worthwhile experience, one that enhanced my love for the natural world as well as the built environment. 


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