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Interior Design


New York School of Interior Design

Fall 2019

Instructor: Edwin Zawadzki

Skills: AutoCAD, SketchUp, V-Ray, Photoshop

I learned about both commercial and residential design requirements at the New York School of Interior Design. One of the commercial project types was hospitality. Floor plans of a Beaux-Arts building located in the heart of Montréal and a list of requirements were provided, and students were then encouraged to create interior designs with a unique concept while adhering to strict building codes. 

Inspiration & Sketches

My personal design concept stemmed from the location of the building itself: Montréal. I called it Song of Fire & Ice because the city is known for it's extreme arctic climate as well as a fierce culture, rich history and a passionate population of artists, chefs, and creatives of all types. For me, this came to life visually by juxtaposing the sleekness and transparency of snow and ice with the intensity and warmth of fire and smoke. I selected materials, fabric, and architectural design elements that possess these qualities.




Reflected Ceiling Plan & Floor Plan



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